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Pensacola DNA testingPensacola DNA testing

Emerald Coast Family Physicians provides complete Pensacola DNA testing. Whether establishing paternity, helping trace your family tree, or to screen for potential  health concerns, Emerald Coast Family Physicians is the place. We painlessly take your sample and get your results quickly.

Some reasons to have your DNA tested:

  • Establishing rights to an inheritance: To be certain whether someone is an heir to the inheritance, having a legal DNA paternity test will clear up any doubts. Additionally, it will ensure those who are entitled to an inheritance are treated fairly.
  • Identifying a biological vs. adopted parent: DNA paternity testing is important steps in helping people discover their “real (biological)” fathers.
  • Demonstrating ancestry: Some people want to trace their historical past and their link to certain family lines.
  • Determining legal paternity & child support: A mother files a paternity case against a man for child support.  The presumed father files a legal case against the mother for custody or visitation rights because the mother is denying him access to his child.  Either way, a legal DNA paternity test will need to be performed by a doctor.
  • To obtain life insurance & Social Security benefits: When determining lineage for insurance disbursement, or Social Security benefits, or any other legal dispute, a DNA sample can only be obtained and analyzed by a trained medical facility.
  • Confirming sibling relationships: When two or more people believe that they may be siblings for example a brother or sister, a DNA paternity test on each sibling will determine if they indeed share a common father.

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Easy, accurate, and affordable.  Emerald Coast Family Physicians provides complete Pensacola DNA testing for your peace of mind.