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School/Sports Physicals

Pensacola Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are important prior to starting exercise program or participating in team sport.

Exercise is a key part of health. It is the foundation of many of our medical regimens. However, exercise can cause problems for some.

Pensacola Sports PhysicalsParticipating in sport activity, may it be individual activities like jogging or swimming,  or group team sports like soccer, basketball, football, etc., is a great way to include exercise into your health regimen.

Before starting on you exercise or team sport it is highly recommended and required by Florida schools that sports physicals be obtained.

The purpose of the sports physicals is to determine that you are healthy enough to participate and that there are no hidden health issues.

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Pensacola School Physicals

To be enrolled into Florida schools, it is mandatory that your child have a medical examination, also known as a school physical. These physicals help to make sure the school staff is aware of any type of physical deficiency the child may have so they can better serve the child’s needs.

Pensacola School PhysicalsThese Pensacola school physicals are non-invasive and simply consist of a general medical evaluation including vital signs, growth and development, brief vision and hearing screening, checking for scoliosis, and other outwardly visible issues. Nothing is done to the child that will cause pain or psychological distress. If any findings from the school physical are a cause for concern, your child may be referred to a specialist or additional screening or treatment options will be discussed. School physicals are covered by almost all health insurance plans. If you are uninsured, the physicals can be paid for by cash or credit card and the rates are very affordable.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Pensacola school physicals:

Who needs a school physical?

The state of Florida requires all children entering a Florida school to have a physical examination by a licensed healthcare provider, regardless of the child’s age. The physical must be performed within the previous 12 months of enrollment.

Where can my child get a school physical?

Emerald Coast Family Physicians offers school physicals by licensed healthcare professionals. We are conveniently located at 4785 N 9th Ave in Pensacola.  We have hours before and after school for you and your child’s convenience.  No appointment needed

What will be evaluated during my child’s school physical?

You and your child will be asked some basic questions regarding your child’s habits, development, and medical history. The healthcare provider will also perform a brief evaluation for vision, hearing, and dental abnormalities. Additionally, baseline vital signs will be obtained as well as a brief physical exam of the head, chest, abdomen, and limbs. You can view the actual school physical form to get a better idea of exactly what will be evaluated.

How often does my child need a school physical?

The state of Florida only requires school physicals for the initial enrollment into a Florida school; however, we recommend that your child receive well checks annually, even if your child appears completely healthy. Our doctors and physician assistants are well-trained in recognizing growth and development issues that might be subtle in the early years.

When is the best time to get a school physical?

Of course, the weeks preceding the start of school will be the busiest time to get a physical; however, at Emerald Coast Family Physicians, we don’t require appointments. We accept walk-ins at the time that is convenient for you and your child. Because your child’s physical can be performed up to 12 months prior to enrollment, you can set the time that is most convenient for you and avoid the longer waits that occur during the several weeks before the new school year begins.

My child had a health screening at Preschool. Does he/she still need a school physical?

Yes, the health screenings performed at preschools and VPK’s are just basic vision screenings and aren’t sufficient to meet the requirements of a school physical.

What do I have to give the school to prove my child had a physical?

Your healthcare provider will give you a signed physical examination form after your child’s physical has been performed. Your school requires this original completed and signed physical form. We suggest that you keep a copy of the physical form for your records.

My child wants to play sports. Is this school physical form sufficient for a sports physical?

No. Pensacola school physicals are not the same thing as a sports physical. A sports physical is a more detailed evaluation of the child to ensure he or she doesn’t have any type of physical ailments that would be potentially dangerous to participate in school sports. Sports physicals are only valid for 12 months from the date of evaluation. Sports physicals must be performed each year in order for your child to participate in any school sports, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, cheerleading, dance team, marching band, cross country, track & field, golf, weightlifting, and wrestling. If your child needs a sports physical, make sure and let us know when making your appointment or at the time of your walk-in registration.

For more information about  Pensacola school physicals, give Emerald Coast Family Physicians a call at 850-476-9691