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Pensacola Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation can be overwhelming. Work-related injuries come with complicated regulations and requirements that can make getting your employees the care they need frustrating and confusing. An established injury care process prepares you and your workforce for work-related injuries before they even occur, so that when they do, you can quickly get your employee on the road to recovery.

When an employee is injured it is important to document the injury and cause. Next is reporting it to your company insurance carrier. If the patient needs medical treatment we will need the this authorization form to be completed for our office to begin to care for your employee.

When an employee returns to work after an injury or illness, an employer’s support can help improve the employee’s recovery. Returning to work can often be awkward for employees. They might be embarrassed about the event that caused their injury, or worried about getting hurt or sick again. Getting hounded with questions by worried coworkers can just make things worse.

To make an injured worker’s transition easier, follow these 5 ways to support an employee’s return to work.

  1. Know What’s Expected from You
  2. Be Flexible
  3. Communicate Often
  4. Provide Resources and Adjustments
  5. Stay Positive


As an employer, your job is to coordinate the return-to-work process with the insurance payer and the physician while keeping the employee informed. While the payer and physician take care of developing an effective treatment plan, they need information from the employer about specific workplace policies and job demands so that they can develop the best plan possible.

For example, if an employee is injured, you’ll need to tell the payor and physician:

  • Whether transitional work is an option,
  • What the employee does (and how it can be adapted),
  • What the employees work environment is like,
  •  What support is available for environment is like,
  •  What support is available for employees returning to work.

By doing this work, the employee will know what to expect and can return to work in a safe and timely manner. 


Occupational Services


Emerald Coast Family Physicians provides Occupational Services for employers and business of Pensacola.  Human Resource managers have tremendous challenges in managing employees, rising medical cost, disability, chronic illnesses, disease and workers compensation. Emerald Coast Family Physicians will assist employers in the prevention and treatment of related injuries. We provide quality care in a timely matter and assist your employees to return to work.

Our occupational services aim to prevent diseases and promote wellness among workers. We will evaluate the employee’s fitness for work, diagnose and treat according to the occupational disease or injury, and manage the continuing health care services needed.

To learn more of the services we provide please call Mary Jane Swanson at 850-476-9691 or email at mjswanson@emeraldcoastfamilyphysicians.com